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By David G.
St - 8 snark tuner
August 29, 2020
I'm thinking some of these reviewers got bad snark tuners, or they just don't understand. I've been playing guitars for 35 years, and have a pretty diverse collection of acoustic guitars, martins, taylors, yamaha, guild, d angelico, breedloves. Everyone, EVERYONE, of my guitars has its own snark tuner, clipped to the headstock, or in its hardcase. I'm currently replacing all tuners with the newest st-8 snark. The ease with how it tuned my 12 strings, made a multi buyer out of me. My point is 35 years playing experience, multiple guitars, and honestly, I haven't had one failure of a snark tuner. I've had to replace, a battery or two, but that's it. I recommend them to all my playing friends
ProsEasy to read, multiple hz settings. nice little metronome. inexpensive.
ConsSome of my snarks have a clip holder. put clip holders on all snark clip on tuners
By Michael T.
No More Of These Cheap Tuners For Me
April 17, 2020
I've purchased three of these Snark tuners & they have all failed after a short period of time. Replacing the battery is another waste of time & money. Forget about them... they're just another cheap, foreign made product. Do yourself a favor & avoid them. Sure, they work fine initially but will not last. I'm living proof & will not waste more $$ on them.
ProsWorks OK for a short period of time... anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the luck of the draw.
ConsWill not last very long.
By Eml
Montreal, QC
April 8, 2020
Works really great. Tried many models of Snark clip-on, this one is simple, does the job right.
By Rob
Woodbridge, ON
Must have
March 14, 2020
Bright display, very responsive and compact size makes this very versatile. I especially like how quickly it starts up and turns off compared to another tuner I own. Great price and value.
By Bill
New Orleans, LA
Easily the best tuner for the money
April 16, 2019
Tried this tuner after trying several other types. This is by for the easiest tuner to use. Very accurate, no frills. Will probably buy another to keep in gig bag.
By Larry
Plainwell, MI
The "Super Tight" does help
October 30, 2018
I do like the Snark Tuners, they work well - they're easy to read, and accurate. The super tight is a good improvement on their design. For a very good general tuner, these are recommended. Good for all guitars, ukes, basses, violins, cellos, etc.
ProsSmall, easy to use, easy to read, accurate.
ConsCan be breakable at the pivot points. I've broken a couple Snarks - Though, the super tight seems stronger.
By Lisa
QLD Australia
Easy to Use
June 19, 2018
Clip on, press the button, hit the string. Simple, easy to understand, clear display. I want to play music, not spend ages trying to work out how to use the tuner. This one is great value, accurate, without needing a tech degree to use it. Perfect !
ProsIt works well Simplicity of use Nice tight grip
By Clay
great tuner
April 24, 2018
I have tried several clip-on type tuners, including Korg, D'Addario, and an older Snark one. I really like and prefer the ST-8. I find that this tuner is accurate, works fast, and is very easy to use. I have since ordered another one just like this.
Prosfast, accurate, easy to see, nice simple display
Consnone that I can tell so far.
By Nick
Parker City, IN
April 12, 2018
Works great
By Gab
Saint-Hippolyte, QC
le meilleur des Snark
December 3, 2017
Comme les autres Snark, mais + Tight = mieux. Rien à dire de plus, je trouve que la batterie ce vide assez vite quand même.
ProsTight visibilité maniabilité
Conssensible au froid (ne s'allume pas lorsqu'il est trop froid)
By Bernie
Farmington, NY
Big bang for the buck
October 10, 2017
I really like these tuners. They work well and fit nicely in a storage compartment in a case
ProsLong battery life Bright easy to read screen
By Shaulee
Mazkeret Batya, Israel
October 29, 2016
I LOVE this tuner - it's so easily portable, accurate and durable. I'd only buy those!
By Gbec
New York, NY
Just OK
July 26, 2016
If you are looking for an inexpensive tuner to get your guitar into the ballpark then this may be for you. However, I always have to spend time fine-tuning after I use this tuner. I have 2 Taylor guitars, both of which have just recently been set up. My ancient OnBoard tuner and GuitarToolKit app tuner on my iPhone do a better job.
ProsVery inexpensive Fast response
By James
Head of Jeddore, NS
Fantastic tuner for the price
March 30, 2016
Fantastic tuner for the price and all my other tuners are confined to the cupboard. Only issue was the rubber pad on the moving arm was not glued down well enough. found it on the floor first day I used it and it regularly falls off. Still give it 5* though.
ProsValue Bright Accurate Automatic.
ConsRubber pad falls off
By Dave
Works perfectly!
November 29, 2015
I've tried others and they were finiky. But this one works fast and every time. I ordered a second one for my other guitar.
By John
Portland, OR
Quicker, Faster, More Subtle
October 20, 2015
I've enjoyed Snark tuners for a couple of years now. With this version, they've gone over the top! Faster, more accurate, easier to use... I'm glad I bought one of these!
ProsFaster More accurate Easier to read
ConsDoesn't seem to turn itself automatically as quickly (or at all?) This might be a setting. I never read manuals.
By Jeff
Sunny South
Best clip-on tuner on the market!!
October 1, 2015
This tuner is fantastic. I play upright bass. Most clip-on tuners get lost on the E string. This one work better than any other if tried, even the grossly more expensive ones. I bought one for each of my uprights.
By Pedro
Valparaíso, Valparaíso
Accurate and responsive
July 18, 2015
It is easy and comfortable to use, the readings are very accurate and come up quickly. It does seem fragile though, but it's everything it should be and more for the price.
By Felipe A.
Best Clip-on Tuner on the market!
May 19, 2015
Fastest and tighter tuner on the market! Awesome!
Pros- Very reliable - Fast tuning - Very precise - Bright coloured screen
Cons- Not the smallest tuner
By In T.
Simply Amaizing!
February 10, 2015
I have run into many tuners in my time and the problem has always been accuracy and being stable. With these other tuners I was constantly fighting the tuner when I got close to having the string in tune. The display would wander or shift to either flat of sharp and it was very difficult to hit the target in the middle. Thus I was amazed when I clamped the Snark onto my guitar and turned it on. This thing is rock solid and very precise in it's action. What a steal for $13! Tuning is a breeze and quick since you are not constantly chasing what seems to be a very elusive target. Appears to be well made, though it will take time to verify that.
ProsWell made and designed. You will wonder how you ever got along without it. No drift, very accurate and precise. Nice sized display which is easy to see and read.
ConsWhat? No lifetime free batteries?
By Lynn
Coastal Virginia
better and faster
January 19, 2015
even faster than the other Snarks ... same reliability and accuracy
By Jorge
Yuma, AZ
very handy
June 28, 2014
It's not the smallest, but it fits securely on everything, and tunes everything!
By Marvin
Woodside, NY
Snark = Great Tuner
April 28, 2014
This simply does the job of tuning my guitars, especially my acoustics. I've tried other much cheaper (unknown) brands, they just don't give the same tuning accuracy as Snark. I have three acoustic guitars and it is still affordable enough for me to have one for each guitar case :)
ProsAccurate, Visible, Affordable
ConsI would like it to be a bit more compact, but the present size is acceptable
By Dan
Kirkland Lake, ON
Snark SN8
March 13, 2014
I've owned several types of tuners over the years, but this sn-8 seems just easier to use, my friends all use snarks but it took me a while to finally buy one and I wasn't disappointed. This is the 2nd one I have bought, the first was gifted to a friend who didn't own a tuner.
Prosvery accurate easy to use price can't be beat
By Mike D.
Decatur, AR
They work great.
February 20, 2014
I've been playing several years and have tried about every kind of tuner there is. Including the ones that stick on to the more expensive ones that attach to your headstock. Plus it has a metronome and the ability to change the pitch in case you're playing with an out of tune piano at church. I have several.
ProsThey don't give "ghost" readings. The metronome is great, The 1st "real" inexpensive tuner. The battery lasts a long time. The batteries are easy to find.
ConsCan be broken if not handled carefully.
By Gray
Northern CA
I Bought 2
December 5, 2013
I was so pleased with everything about the Snark SN-8 tuner that I bought a second one. I€™ve had others, but the SN-8 has been better in every way: brighter; more accurate; less hesitant€”there€™s no delay in providing a reading; sure grip from the clamp; amazing price. I use them on six and twelve-string acoustic guitars and electric guitars.
By Paul H.
Austin, TX
best tuner on planet
January 22, 2013
I've got two great tuners sitting in a drawer for a year now since I bought my black SN8 from Strings and Beyond last holiday season..after 13 months of use on acoustics and electrics (none of them are in regular tuning so even more of a challenge) my SN8 is still the greatest tuner made love it...might even get a backup and I'm not sure why!!
By Al
Sheboygan, WI
Great tuner
January 10, 2013
Love this little thing - handy and accurate. Stays right on the headstock and the black color makes it almost invisible until I turn it on. Before Purchase I was doubtful that this would be accurate, but it's right on. I just leave it on my headstock. You'll ove it!
Snark SN-8 Tuner
January 7, 2012
I have a Fishman FT-1 and the Snark SN-8. They're both good tuners but this one is very quick and positive. It's not as bright but just fine. I previously purchased the blue Snark for my Grandson and it's also very good but not quite as easy to read as there are more lines in the readout. This model has thicker lines and appears more stable. The black model also looks smaller although it's the same size. It's just the color that does it. Clip it on with the readout on the back side of the headstock and nobody sees it. I love it!

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