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By james
sherbrooke, QC
March 27, 2018
I love these picks, they stay in place thanks to the grip excellent
By Patrice
Quebec, QC
January 12, 2018
Good Pick
Attack was fine with this picks, sound great.
Pros- No undesire hash picking sound - Good and cheap
Cons- Maybe a more color’s choice
By Stephen G.
Millbrook, AL
August 3, 2016
Great Grip!!!
As advertised, these don't slip! Tonal quality us great!
ProsNo slip Tone quality Perfect flex
ConsGrey color
By Aleksandr
Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg
May 21, 2016
One of the most convenient picks in my opinion.
ProsIt does not slip from the fingers
By Shaun
April 27, 2016
Reduces the fly-away pick drama
Ever had to scramble for a pick while performing on stage? The maxgrip helps to make sure that such sagas are kept at bay with the grippy surfaces. And with the 6 sizes to choose from, you'd be spoilt for choice!
By James
Head of Jeddore, NS
March 30, 2016
Still lose a few but..
Ordinary picks fly out of my fingers sooner or later. Poor technique maybe, but these certainly help me keep hold of them for longer, still lose a few now and then. Really annoying when its down the sound hole.
ProsGood grip
By Pedro
Valparaiso, Valparaiso
March 17, 2016
The grip works.
The grip on this picks definetely works, they are great for strumming with no worries. Specially if you have slipery fingers like me. I don't like the sound as much as I like the Tortex's, but that's subjective. So all in all, great picks.
ProsGood grip.
By Fabio
February 24, 2016
Sturdy and non slippery
Because of the grip feature, these pick are ideal for the ones that tend to sweat a little bit more than usual. Sturdy, with nice attack.
ProsSturdy Nice Attack Non Slippery
ConsLack of colors (not a big deal, though...)
By JG Hayford
New Hampshire
October 7, 2015
A Pick That Sticks....
I've been using Dunlop picks for both acoustic and electric playing for decades and they've never let me down. Like most of my generation I started with Fender mediums and I thought there was something wrong with me - dropping them often and having trouble strumming and pickin' leads. Then I discovered these and felt like a new player within minutes. Highly recommend most Dunlops - especially if you've just begun to strum!
ProsCan hold easily at any point Great for discovering your best picking techniques
ConsMay feel bizarre at first - don't give up on them, feel them out extensively.
By Martina
Maple, ON
February 17, 2015
The Grip works!
I use these picks for heavy rhythm playing, and I used to have a problem with the picks I was using starting to slide out of my hand. Switching to these Max Grip picks has eliminated that problem. The grip does work.
ProsGreat grip, tone is good
ConsI wish they could put this grip on their Tortex picks!
By Mike
Whitby, ON
November 8, 2014
I use these exclusively
I've been using these for years and prefer them to any other pick I've used.. They grip well, have a good flex, and the nylon material is easy on the strings. The 0.73mm size provides a good balance of flex and precision, IMO.
By Adam
Nanaimo, BC
August 25, 2014
Too grippy
These are so grippy that it's a lot harder to adjust your grip while playing, ie: choking up for pinch harmonics or backing off for strumming.
By Stephen
Apple valley, CA
July 3, 2014
Dunlop Nylon Max Grip Standard Guitar Picks
my favorite standard sized pick i like the 1.5 version has just the right amount of string grab and release for my style. I alternate between these and standard jazz 3 picks depending on what i want to play. these for more strumming things and the jazz 3 for more technical single note playing!
By Vince
Detroit 'burbs
June 26, 2014
Great picks for acoustic!
I've been through some fancy expensive picks and while I like those for electric playing, I was never satisfied with them for acoustic strumming. This pick fills that need beautifully! I found I need a pick with the right amount of flex. So I ordered a bunch of different kinds from Strings and Beyond and these nylon picks stood out from the rest. Not sure why but these are great. I use the 0.88 and 0.73, depending on the situation. They give very natural warm sounding percussive strum with the acoustic. The 0.73 is a bit brighter and I found it particularly good with more aggressive bluegrass type strumming where you really dig in. I use the 0.88 for more lyrical soft stuff. BTW I actually use the rounded corner most of the time - the texture doesn't go all the way to the edge so it works fine.
ProsGreat pick!
ConsWhen I "hide" the pick between my fingers for fingerpicking the texture is a bit uncomfortable compared to a smooth pick.
By Gab
Saint-Hippolyte, QC
May 4, 2014
Grip efficace
Avant j'avais de léger problème de médiator qui tourne ou tombe, alors j'aimais bien la grip de ce modèle. Depuis j'ai changé un peu ma tenu de médiator et j'ai plus besoin de grip. Le nylon est plus souple que les modèles plastique (tortex et autres) chez dunlop, donc à épaisseur équivalente, le nylon est plus souple. Je le trouve bien donc pour faire du strumming et grosse rythmique d'accord sur une acoustique. Par contre vue ça souplesse, j'aurais fait un modèle 2, 2.5 et 3mm.
ProsGrip pour une meilleur tenu. Utilisation en acoustique (strumming)
ConsPas de 2mm (vue la souplesse du matériel ça l'aurait été bien)
By Goodin
March 3, 2014
The best
These are the best picks I have ever used. I play traditional Irish banjo, mandolin, and accompaniment DADGAD guitar. I use the .60mm for banjo and guitar and .73mm for mandolin. After trying out many different picks over the years, these are what I have settled on and now I won't use anything else. They are the best for tone, clarity, and grip. They have very little pick noise, like so many other picks I have tried.
By Mark
Oyen, AB
February 14, 2014
The grip really works
I don't really have trouble with dropping my picks anymore, but when I did I used these and the grip worked great, especially if you have sweaty fingers. The con is that if you like to change techniques and pick position the grip works against you in those cases. All depends on what you're after!
ProsEasy to hang on to
ConsGrip can be a double-edged sword
By Trev
December 13, 2013
1mm flex
I bought a 12 pack of the 1mm, by far the best grip of any grip pick I've used (e.g. George Dennis, Brain), and nice smooth finished edge, but way too much flex for a 1mm pick in my opinion. I guess because they're nylon. The 1.14 might be closer to a 1mm made with other materials. For comparison, Dunlop Tortex .88, George Dennis 1mm, and Brain 1mm are all noticeably stiffer than this pick. I'm also curious why there are no thickness increments between 1.14 and 1.5mm, that seems like a big jump.
Prosawesome grip
Constoo much flex limited thickness choices above 1mm
By WhiteMountainSteve
Alpine AZ
July 1, 2013
The best bluegrass pick in the world.
I don't play with a death grip on my pick. These picks don't turn in my hand unless I want them to.
By Russ
Vancouver, WA
January 23, 2013
An excellent all around Pick for rhythem or lead playing. I love the texturedgrip on it.
An excellent all around Pick for rhythem or lead playing. I love the textured grip.
By Ronnie
February 27, 2012
Best pick ever
I do lead and rythym, and I found the perfect pick for both. I use the .73s, and they never break. These picks will last forever.

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